Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving at the speed of LIVER

I will do anything (well, almost, I have yet to been asked to do something i'd rather not) for dried liver! YUM! SNORFSNORF!

I will even leave one alone, right in front of my nose . . .that is, if i am told to "Leeeave IT!"

I also enjoy sharing my treats with QUINN!!! (okay, not so much sharing as when he is near i get extra treats so i am sure to be EXTRA good).

Quinn is so super cool! Did i mention that yet? I am trying really hard to contain my excitement (and when i forget being stuck to the wall reminds me) when Quinn and i hang out.

Did i mention i got to hang out with QUINN??!!! AGAIN!!!! and got LIVER TREATS!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Slow Boat to being (acceptably) Social

I got to have more cookies with Quinn . . . I GOT TO HAVE MORE COOKIES WITH QUINN!!!! Yup, still THAT excited!!! I can sit with him and snack away, no problem, but as soon as i start to sniff him, i just get overwhelmed by how much older and COOLER than me his is and I act like a bit of a knob. Foster Momma says it reminds her of a tween at a Justin Beiber sighting . . .uh, sure, pass the dried liver please?!

In light of my current fandemonium over the resident boy dog (Momma says it will get easier, better, that i will get used to seeing him, and have less questions, and that if i am CALMER, he will want to just chillax with me and explain the wisdom of an elderbull) phase 2 will be the Tie Down*.

The what?

Wait a sec, i'm STUCK . . .arrrrrooooooooo, waahhhhh, sqwuak, whine, squeeeeaaaalllllll, oooooOOOOhhhhhhOOOoooOOOO . . pay attention to meeeeeeeee, i can see youuuuuuuuuuu . . .

Hmmm, its not working . . . .

And i'm getting kind of tired of being ignored . . .

they are sitting on the couch, momma and Quinn and i can see them and they can see me . . .so unfair!
What if i lie down and look throughly unimpressed . . .(squeak squeeeeak . . .) . . . still stuck.

please note at this point foster momma tossed me some pieces of dried liver . . .hmmm, less yowling = more liver. got it!

I can give you the cold shoulder too you know . . .

I GIVE UP! But Momma said i did okay again, so much so that we will be doing this again . . . and again . . .

*More info on Tie Downs and how to install one: Tie Downs

(please note that once Eugene settled he was given calm rewards with praise and food. The idea is to expose him more to the other dogs, while keeping everyone safe and comfortable. He settled quickly, and enjoyed the better part of an hour hanging out with the other dogs and people!)

Monday, November 28, 2011

I know what you did last weekend!

Whoa boy! What a weekend!!! Because my house manners have been so good i was given more freedom and a bunch of time spent in the kitchen. I even got a another (NEW) comfy pillow FULL of interesting smells (me thinks the other dogs in the house, yup yup . . )

And i didn't even try and eat the yummy smelly thing attached to the wall behind me! I just chilled out like a good boy, showing foster momma i had huge "potential" to be living with the whole family soon! As in ALL the time!

I even spent some time learning how to cook,

Momma said i was really good not to jump up and try to help myself . . . Frankly, i found the whole thing a bit booooring . . .

But the best BEST part of this weekend was starting to make a new friend. At first,  i was allowed to have supervised sniffs through the fence! Seeeeee! We both had nice manners, no one yelled or swore at each other, and whenever i was told to come or sit, i did . . .

You see, the thing is, (so I have been told by my Foster Momma, who claims to have done this with lots of dogs), a dog like me, who hasn't had a chance to hang out with many other dogs, needs to go nice and sllllllow when meeting new friends, so that I am given every chance to mind my manners and be rewarded for doing things properly. If we go too fast and were just allowed to play and yell and jump on the furniture, the dogs that already live here might not get to appreciate my true personality, and would just be annoyed, or feel like i have overstayed my welcome. And i sure don't want that!
So slow and steady it is, and i'm cool with that!

I met the older dude, Quinn (remember Pig Pen?! He was actually pretty clean) and Momma said i did okay. 
I was just SOOOO excited to get up close to him. I just wanted to give hi fives and ask him all kinds of questions "HOW OLD ARE YOU?" "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE?" "WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR DINNER, SAME AS ME?"

And he was really good about my in-your-face-overly-excitedness (again, so sorry Quinn) . . . but none the less we took some space and practiced just hanging out and not talking or playing (pout). But we did however get yummy treats, so that was nice. Foster Momma said she could tell i didn't mean anything bad by my excitment, but that we had to work on being a bit more polite . . . okay, sigh, practice makes perfect!

I hope i get to practice hanging out with Quinn again so I can have more yummy treats!

But if i had to pic a most favourite part of the weekend, it would probably be the snuggle time i got! Man do i LOOOOOVE to snuggle!
(and i think foster momma does too!)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Who are you calling a Turkey?

Foster Momma says that if I were to be adopted by an American family, that today/this weekend would be the time that they would be ever so thankful to have me and I would get extra special yummy things to eat . . . ! Sounds good to me!

For now, however, I am eating pumpkin and plain rice (not so appetizing) because I have a bit of an upset tummy.

However, I am still getting the occasional liver treat, and boy are they TASTY! So tasty I concentrate reeeeealllly hard and do whatever I am asked! See, I'll show you!

So Happy time to give thanks for your dogs American families! I hope you have lots of good food, shared with your pets of course, and a wonderful weekend! I will be back on Monday with lots to talk about from my adventures this weekend (or so I am told!).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bob Barker says "Spay and Neuter your pets!"

And apparently that's just what happened! Though i don't remember much of yesterday, the parts I do were full of fun and new friends and LOTS of talk of how handsome I was, and what a good boy I am, and how pretty my nails were . . .wait? what?! We'll get to that part . . .
I spent the day with some of the nicest (and prettiest) ladies this dog has ever met! Wowza! The team at Oakridge Animal Clinic treated me like a rock star (even after i may have made a rather stinky mess in my crate . . .stress i tell ya) before and after this whole "Neutering" proceedure i allegedly underwent . . .

I remember hanging out with my new friends, discussing the latest in collar fashions and indestructable toys . . .

When it was "my turn" (oh boy oh boy, how i loooooove things to do with me being the center of attention!) Mandy and Nicole smelled real nice, and cuddled me through some of the pinchy feelings, they said maybe i shouldn't watch because it might be a bit scary for a sensitive soul like me

And then i started to feel awfully sleepy . . .

(the clinic staff were kind enough to take photos while i was indisposed) i wonder what happened . . .
not the best look for me, and i have no ears, was the shower cap really necassary?!

ewwwww, looky here, upsidedown AND in a shower cap . . .with a blanket that matches neither my collar or new chapeau (ha! I speak french, did you know that?!!!!) it does however match my Auntie Alix's spiffy smock!

i like her shower cap WAY better than mine!

and would ya lookit that! Strong like bull! Get it?!! Harrrrharrrrr! I KILL ME! :)

don't fall asleep at the clinic folks, they'll paint your toenails, all 18 of them!

i must say though, blue IS my colour, and they compliment my fur nicely. Foster momma is jealous, she doesn't have nails painted as nice as this!

Okay, where were we? OH! The other strange thing that happened while i was not-remember-sleeping . . .

BEFORE . . .
and AFTER! Waddaya know about that?! (my apologies on the graphic nature of the photos, but in the interest of science . . . well, you know . . .)
It's so breezy and cool between my legs now, and I LOVE it! Thanks Alix!!!!

i was kept warm and cozy while i slept off the sleepiness (did that make sense? I tried to spell anesthetisomething . . but couldn't - so sleepiness it is!)

and when i woke up, i just wanted to be cuddled and kissed. I didn't feel like myself, but all the lovin' made up for it.

Foster Momma says i have to "take it easy" for a few days, and then maybe we can go visit my new friends again to make sure i'm healing okay. I say "SURE!" - I loves those ladies, almost as much as they loved me!!!

(Ador-A-Bull would like to extend our utmost thanks, as always, to the PHENOMINAL staff at Oakridge Animal Clinic for always going above and beyond for our rescue dogs!!!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today is the big day . . . (or so i am told). Foster Momma says I'll be "just fine" . . . hmmmm . . .

to be continued . . .

Ookk-k-kaaaayyyy . . . umm, yeah . . . feeling groggy, toenails are painted, balls are gone . . wait?! WHAT??? uuuhhhhhh, can i just come cuddle with you . . .?
more later . . .snnnoooorrrre! ZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZzzz

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby it's C-C-C-COLD outside

This is me, this morning, chattering my pearly whites and closing my eyes hoping this chilly white stuff will stop freezing my toes!
I know, i appear to be a macho-man, but look at me, that beeeeautiful blue fur provides about as much coverage as a hairless mole rat has. And while my country digs are lovely, MAN, is it COLD OUT! (windy too).

All my whining and shivering prompted my foster mom to see if i could fit into any of the coats she has for the other dogs (the other dogs i can hear and smell, but haven't seen yet . . .foster momma says first i need a "snip snip" and then a slooooooow and positive introduction regime to each one  .. . just think of the blogging i can do about THAT!) anywho, allegedly these other dogs in the house are also of the hairless mole rat variety, and need to wear coats in the cold weather too.
This, while very much my style, is actually a women's (oh the shame) so, my mister bits are stuck in the shirt, and as such the shirt gets peed on . . . oi! However, i can't wait to meet the fit little fox that fits into this properly . . .wooof woof!
And this one was nice, but way to long, hides my tail and gorgeous glutes, but doesn't even come close to accomodating the wonder that is my chest and shoulders . . .EPIC FAIL!
On to the lovely, FILTHY, utility piece, that must have been for the family horse? . . . Seriously folks, this is humiliating (I was told this belongs to the boy dog who really wants to be my new best friend . . .we'll see about that! For now, i will call him Pig Pen, because judging by his coat . . . yeah . . .)

And those were the options . . .so for now i still have to go outside naked - ACK! Foster momma said that if i asked nicely, perhaps some of my adoring fans would chip in so that the rescue can buy me a coat of my very own, one just for me, that fits meeeeee!
See my big brown "donation" eyes . . . . seeeeeee . . . i ever wore a hat with bigger ears than i have to show you how ever so cute and needy i am!!!! (please see the donation button . . . to your right here . . . . or for something called and e-transfer . . .sure, works for me, as long as i get a coat . .puhleeeeze!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day One - Model House Guest

Yep, thats what i've been hearing . . ."model house guest", "he's being so good", "i'm so happy he settled in so well" . . . of course i did! Its nice here! I don't have noisy or smelly neighbours, i get yummy food and treats and this big black toy they call a "Kong" full of the most frozen and delicious stuff my huge tongue has ever licked . . . life is goooooood!
Life also has a lot to offer i am learning! Like all these wonderful sights and smells . . . i mean look at this view!
I have also learned that food tastes MUCH better out of hands than it does bowls, in fact, i think i prefer it (i will put the fault on my foster mom for even offering me this option, don't mind the drool, i can't help it)
And rumour has it that if i keep up the great manners and good behaviour that there are more fun things and privledges to come! We just all need to get to know each other a bit better. And i can't WAIT to charm everyone further . . . it's almost what i was born to do . . .
What do you mean its not take-your-foster-dog-to-work-day??? (sigh) Fine, okay . . . . i will just wait patiently until you come back home then! I loves you . . . .(SLUUUURP)